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The company has engineering and technical cadres that qualify it to enter any project, regardless of its size and material value, to complement the technical role in the company and its long experience of continuous work and the establishment of projects in the government and private sectors.

Civil engineers consultant
Consulting architects
Civil Engineers
Electrical engineers
Mechanical engineers
Accountants and legal department

The company has experienced technical cadres and legacies and professionals with high experience, which the company periodically appoints among its technical cadres to develop its work and develop its relationships and commitment as part of its professional mission with its valued customers.

The company consists of the following departments:

1. Managing Director

The managing director of the company is the first person responsible for managing the company and supervising its workflow in addition to the powers conferred on him by the founding council of the company from the administrative, legal and financial powers, to monitor and direct the company’s business and inspect it in a manner that ensures the complete progress of the business, proposing an annual plan for the activity The company’s implementation and following up on its implementation, the proposal of the company’s owners and submitting it to the Board of Directors for approval, preparing the proposal for the estimated budget of the company.
Preparing studies with a view to developing the company’s activity, monitoring and supervising the work of the company’s internal and external offices.

2. Board of Directors

It consists of a group of employees and individuals who established this company, who have long experience in the field of management, and who have higher degrees in many disciplines. This council sets the rules and practical plans for the company, as well as sets the internal system for the company.

3. Engineering department

As this section includes a group of engineering cadres with specialization and experience to carry out office work such as designs, studies, consultations, financial activity, implementation and administrative site, and this section is considered the link between the company’s management and the operational sites. It includes consultant engineers in various engineering fields, headed by a consultant engineer with a doctoral degree. In addition to implementing engineers specializing in the fields of electrical, mechanical, civil and architectural engineering, and those who have sufficient experience to implement all types of engineering projects, they are headed by an engineer with the rank of chief engineer and this department includes several divisions (planning, engineering designs, project management and implementation, our branches in the governorates).

4. Legal Section

This section is concerned with the legal affairs of the company, which contains the contracts division that is concerned with following up the legal procedures related to contracts and project assignments.

5. Department of Administrative Affairs

This section consists of:

a . Individuals: studying the laws, regulations and instructions related to work and following up on their implementation, managing the company’s needs of all types of employment, fulfilling the appointment procedures and completing the personnel files, supervising the movement of attendance and departure.

Financial Department

This section is concerned with studying the company’s plans and proposing the appropriate financial and financing policy that ensures the proper functioning of the work and the provision of cash liquidity in a manner consistent with the precautions, as well as developing the cost systems and the documentary cycle and reviewing them periodically in proportion to the needs of the stage and setting the financial regulations for all the company’s activities in order to achieve good control of implementation, reduce costs and ease Decision making consists of:

8. Calculator section

This section is concerned with the field of programming as well as contains the Internet division for the purposes of correspondence with the departments, branches and cadres of the company.